About me


My name is Manuel and my job is restoration and reconstruction of vintage and luxury cars.

The idea of opening my own business comes mainly from a great passion, which has also been my job for more than 20 years, a passion already born in my home country in Havana Cuba, where I was involved from a very young age in the restoration and reconstruction of American vintage cars.

Passion and dedication

This passion then increased when I arrived in Europe where I met my wife Laura, I have been able to improve my work using not only equipment,but above all my manual skills acquired in Cuba where, in the absence of work tools, i had to arrange myself and use creativity in order to repair these great American vintage cars still alive.

So much desire and the courage helped me to get started in this adventure even though I had to face a lot of difficulties, however, a great passion and a lot of willpower had the upper hand.
Specifically as an expert in car restoration for more than 30 years, I can build by my hand also various spare parts of the car such as: mudguard, trunk, bonnet, floor, door ecc..

I also build those spare parts due to the age of these cars, practically non-existent on the market or difficult to find.


To create a company where my work done with passion, which is an art, can be passed on to future young coachbuilders so that it can continue over time.