Car restoration

I carry out complete restorations on every type of vehicle, (both in aluminium and iron) maintaining original materials, components and details.

I create any bodywork detail (sheet metal) even those that do not exist or are difficult to find.

How do I work

I do old fashioned car restoration, all the work is done by hand thanks to my manual skills improved over the years, shot by shot, giving shape to the sheet of metal through the technique of sheet metal worker.

My commitment is to restore the part of the bodywork of the car in my atelier, my place, but since the stages of the restoration can be deep and, in addition to the bodywork, parts such as the engine, the upholstery, the electrical plant, the mechanics, the painting, could be necessary to work, for this, we also cooperate with professionals of our trust or indicated by the client/owner of the vehicle, in order to return to each car the personality with great attention to all the details. The customer can, if he wishes, to live with us all the stages of the restoration, with visits to our garage.

Some of my works

To view some of my car work restorations made by me click on the button below